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Peculate is an avant-garde and progressive metal band, and the solo project of composer and musician Ben Norton.


Peculate’s music draws from an incredibly wide array of genres and styles. Aside from other bands in the progressive metal and progressive rock traditions, avant-garde classical music is a significant influence, especially the 12-tone serialism of the Second Viennese school and after — particularly composers Alban Berg, Luigi Dallapiccola, Arnold Schoenberg, and Gunther Schuller — along with the works of Stravinsky, Ives, Messiaen, Prokofiev, Elliott Carter, and Babbitt, among others; as is jazz, especially avant-garde jazz and jazz fusion, including Tim Berne, Panzerballett, Dapp Theory, John Zorn, Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, Vijay Iyer, Hiromi Uehara, Charles Mingus, Sun Ra, John Carter, Anthony Braxton, and many, many more.


Peculate’s lyrics strike at the heart of global politics and injustice (terms practically synonymous). Irreformably corrupt governments and corporations, hand-in-hand, are, and have long been, murdering innocent people around the world; exploiting, robbing the fruits of the labor of, billions of workers; repressing dissidents that dare to question their inhumanity and obscene systems of violence; and polluting, damaging, destroying the only planet we have, and all life on it.


Peculate is as DIY as it can get.
Ben composes all of the music; writes the lyrics; performs on or programs all of the instruments; produces, engineers, mixes, masters, and distributes the recordings; co-creates the album art; and edits the music videos.
Ben also releases free musical scores and sheet music for all Peculate material.