In Two (A)

In Two (A)

(March 2014)

In Two (A)


(Accidentals apply only to the note they precede.)
Much of the material in In Two is derived from this row. In Two is not as strictly 12-tone as other Peculate releases, yet each song has material directly based on this row. There are additionally several, more freely-composed, motives based on trichordal or tetrachordal fragments of this row that reappear in various forms throughout In Two

1. An Ontology of Convenience

2. Extra Varnish Please

3. Forked Tongues

4. The World’s a Stage

5. Procrustean Metrics

6. Pick Your Poison

7. I, Stratified

8. Illusions of Choice

9. In the Service of Power

10. Demolition Plans