Pax Tecum

Pax Tecum

Pax Tecum
(June 2013)



(Accidentals apply only to the note they precede.)
Everything in Pax Tecum is derived from these two 12-tone rows, through segmentation and traditional transformations like inversion and retrograde.

Rows A and B are somewhat similar. The two are related by their first and last trichord. Each of these consists of set class [013], and each is the inversion of the other. The former row is made up of exclusively [013] set classes. Three of the four trichords in the latter row are [013] set classes.

Literally all of the material on the album is derived from these two rows. The riffs, the harmonic material, and even the vocal melodies (and vocal harmonies) are entirely 12-tone-derived. The walking bass line of the jazz section in “Suffer Peacefully” even consists of the four classic transformations of row A.

Repetition is allowed through the segmentation of the rows (and the repetition of segmented forms of these rows), a common technique in my music.

Row A sounds first in full, in prime form, in mm. 4.3-6 of the opening track, “Suffer Peacefully.” This is followed by inversion, retrograde, and retrograde-inversion, respectively, transformations of this row class.

Row B sounds first in full, in prime form, in mm. 81-85, in the walking bass line, of the opening track, “Suffer Peacefully.”

1. Suffer Peacefully

2. Never Hurt a Soul

3. When Push Comes to Shove

4. Higher Horses

5. A Romance

6. Class War

7. Some Parting Advice